The Horton’s Young Film Programmers Group

The Horton’s Young Film Programmers Group


Come and watch ‘Bend It Like Beckham’, the highest-grossing football film of all time, for one night only at The Horton in Epsom on Friday 16th February at 6:30pm. The feel-good classic has been selected by our very own Young Film Programmers and tells the uplifting story of teenage football fan Jess Bhamra who dreams of following her idol David Beckham’s footsteps and becoming a professional footballer, but has to overcome her traditional parents who think women should stick to cooking.

Bend It Like Beckham encapsulates the retro nostalgia of the early 2000s, yet holds special relevance to the modern day, with the inspiring successes of England’s lionesses and the astounding rise of women’s football across the globe. The comedy-drama won BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for ‘Best Film’, and has an acclaimed soundtrack featuring hits from the Spice Girls and Blondie – a true ode to ‘girl power’.

With tickets available for as little as £3, our exclusive screening comes with padded seating and a 15 minute interval, bringing the classic age of cinema back to Epsom. Bring your mates or do it alone, but don’t miss the chance to watch the awesome Bend It Like Beckham on Friday evening at The Horton.

Bend It Like Beckham (12)
Bend It Like Beckham (12)

Donovan, The Horton’s Young Film Programmers group


Hi I’m Donovan and I’m part of The Horton’s Young Film Programmers group, a BFI-funded, youth film screening club run by young people aged 15-20 who are passionate about the power of film.

I joined the young film programmers group to immerse myself in a community with a united passion for cinema; it’s not just about the films for me, it’s about the whole shared experience of going to the cinema.

At the moment there are six of us in the group. We’ve met regularly and had the opportunity to listen to speakers who have shared insights and expertise about screening films, youth culture and marketing to new audiences.

We want to show films that aren’t usually available at mainstream cinemas which is why our first films are Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Bend It Like Beckham.

Our first films bring stories about youth culture from the 80s and 90s . They are funny and still relevant today in many ways.

Even if you aren’t familiar with these films we can guarantee if you come along with some mates you’ll  be able to grab some popcorn, have a laugh and maybe find some new films to add to your favourites list.

We want our screenings to be welcoming for audiences of all ages.

Our screenings will be inspired by the authentic cinema experience – you can look forward to  a 15 minute interval, luxury padded seating and maybe some extra surprises depending on how our planning goes between then and now!

Get your tickets today, with seats available for as little as £3. Invite your friends or do it alone, but don’t miss the chance to rediscover cinema’s golden age at The Horton

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off  is screening on Saturday 03 February 2024 at 2pm and Bend It Like Beckham on Friday 16th February, 6.30pm.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (12A)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (12A)
Bend It Like Beckham (12)
Bend It Like Beckham (12)

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