Cyanotype Printing Workshops

Art & Craft
Sat, 17 Jun 2023
10am - 1pm
Sat, 17 Jun 2023
2pm - 5pm
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Cyanotype Printing Workshops

Saturday 17th June
2pm – 5pm

This is an introductory workshop aimed at teaching you how to create your own artwork using cyanotype printing – inspired by the artist’s own project representing patients from Epsom’s hospitals buried as paupers in Horton Cemetery.

Also known as sun print or blueprint, cyanotype is a photographic process that produces a beautiful deep blue image. It is one of the oldest forms of camera-less photography in which objects are placed onto paper coated with photosensitive chemicals, then exposed under ultraviolet light to produce an image. It is a form of photogram – the objects will leave a white shadow while the exposed areas will turn deep blue.

The cyanotype chemicals are non-toxic, the process is easy to use and requires no previous skills. You will be able to take home your own cyanotype prints at the end of the session.

What we will do

  • A short introduction to the historical and contemporary use of the process
  • A brief talk about the collaborative project between Dr Eric Fong and Dr Alana Harris – cyanotype portraits of psychiatric asylum patients who were buried in the Horton Cemetery
  • Prepare paper for cyanotype printing
  • Place objects onto photosensitive paper
  • Expose under ultraviolet light
  • Develop by rinsing with water, then drying the prints



    • Please bring your own objects for making the artwork, and which have a connection to or are symbolic of mental health and well-being. Anything with an interesting outline or shape or translucent things will work well, preferably something that will lie relatively flat, such as leaves, flowers, feathers, or pieces of lace
    • We will provide all other materials, including disposable gloves
    • It’s best not to wear your favourite clothes just in case you get chemicals on them. Alternatively, you can bring an apron with you
    • Bring along a stiffened envelope (A4) to protect your works when you take them away at the end of the day.

About the tutor
Eric Fong is an award-winning multimedia artist and a former medical doctor. His practice is driven by a keen interest in the juncture between art, science, and medicine. He has exhibited his work across the UK and internationally and one of his works is in the Arts Council England Collection. He is currently developing a new body of work that centres on an archive of glass plate negatives of portraits of patients in mental asylums in Epsom who were given pauper burial in the Horton Cemetery. This project is supported by King’s Artist residency in collaboration with Dr Alana Harris, Head of Liberal Arts, King’s College London.

Tickets: £38*

Ages 12+

*A £1.50 booking fee applies per ticket when booking online and in person. The booking fee covers costs charged to the charity for the booking system and payment processing.

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