The Last

Sat, 17 Sep 2022
£20, Students £15
The Last

“Well, here is my story, the last story I shall have to tell. All that might have been bright in my life is now despoiled. I am a victim of fate, spared for reasons I cannot know or understand bound for nowhere, adrift and alone”

In 1823, Mary Shelley starts to write a book. In 2099, in a world wracked by a global pandemic, Lionel Verney does the same. Both are bereft. Both are alone.

Set in a 21st-century world troubled by deadly plague, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1826 novel The Last Man is poignant and hugely relevant today. Written after the death of her husband and three of her children, it expresses Mary’s own sense of loss and isolation, and features characters based on Mary herself, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and sisters Fanny Godwin and Claire Claremont.

This one-woman adaptation explores the book’s biographical elements and draws on Mary’s graphic depiction of a world wracked by pandemic.  It is a powerful warning of the dangers of mankind’s arrogance towards the world we live in.

Adapted by award-winning writer Sam Chittenden.  Featuring Amy Kidd.

“A one-woman tour de force – Kidd is exemplary”; “A taut, compelling narrative”; ‘Superb” – Hidden Gem, Fringe Review

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