Old Bolero Masterclass with Cristina Cazorla

Wed, 20 Jul 2022
£50 | Ages 14+ Dance experience required
Old Bolero Masterclass with Cristina Cazorla

Join award-winning dancer and choreographer Cristina Cazorla to learn the introductory techniques of the old Bolero school of dance. Cristina will demonstrate and teach the specific movements that make the Bolero style unique, including rounded arms, body posture, twists, accents, small steps, drums, turns and jumps. Participants will learn a short section of choreography from Jota Navarra by Sarasate which will be performed in the Spanish Serenade concert.

About Cristina Cazorla
Born in Madrid in 1997 she started studying dance at the “Mariemma” Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance at the age of 8, graduating at the top of her class in 2015.

Cristina graduated as a choreographer from the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory in 2020.

As a performer, she has received various awards. Notably first prize for Spanish Dance at the 5th Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest of Almería in 2017. As a choreographer, her piece “Orimel’ won the 2nd Group Choreography Award at the 28th Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreographic Contest in Madrid.

Ages 14+
Dance experience required

Part of Spanish Season at The Horton
A series of classical music and dance in tribute to the tragic dancer Felix Garcia, banished to Horton Asylum in 1919. Performed by celebrated artists from Spain on an international tour. This is the only UK date.

The Spanish Season at The Horton is sponsored by the Spanish Embassy Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and Fundación Cajamurcia.

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